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About Us

Pro Outdoor Gear

Pro Outdoor Gear is a retailer of quality outdoor gear, including fishing, hunting, camping, and other outdoor products in North America.

We specialize in selling quality products at competitive prices. Although some of our brands can also be found at other retail locations, we strive to carry manufacturers' full product lines - providing our customers with a much wider selection of models, colors, and sizes from our selected manufacturers. We stand behind our products 100% with excellent support and service.

Pro Outdoor Gear was founded by Tym Barker and Rob Laframboise, two avid outdoors people who were tired of not being able to easily purchase a variety of outdoor gear, especially for hunters and fishermen who live in remote areas of Canada and the United States. Rob is a professional fisherman who has won the Canadian National Classic more than once, and is keenly aware of what's required to manufacture outdoor gear that stands up to professional demands and gets results.

Our approach is simple. Provide quality products and exceptional service, at competitive prices! That's it - no gimmicks or offers that are too good to be true. Although, you will find some great deals in our bargain cave.

To All of Our Customers!

We are very appreciative that you choose to do business with us. We offer a sincere thank you, and we look forward to providing excellent service.


Rob Laframboise
Tym Barker